Advantages of injection pump IVS-1

Advantages of injection pump IVS-1

The construction of the pump provides our customers easy service, maintenance and low cost solutions in connection with repairs.


If there is spherical leak in ball saddle, in other pumps the whole cylinder has to be replaced. Our pump has in the cylinder the detachable ball saddle, it means, in case of pressure leakage in ball saddle it is necessary to replace just this part.

The advantages

  • lower cost for later continuous repairs, just exchange of cheap ball saddle, not the expensive cylinder
  • when replacing this part it is not necessary to divide the pump into two parts as it is made by other pumps
  • this kind of operation may be executed directly in the place by worker


Due to the special maintenance-free sensor it is ensured that injection material does not come into contact with manometer, that is why it is not necessary to change manometer after finishing each injection work

The advantages

  • lower cost in connection with ever-changing manometers
  • maintance-free construction of pressure transducer
  • constant checking of pressure during injection

Filling bottle (funnel)

After discussing with ourcustomers we solved their constant problem with other pumps, namely cleaning expensive funnel. In our pump there is used stnadard PET bottle as a funnel which is always available to all the workers in the construction area and it is free of cost. After finishing injections, just exchange this PET bottle for the new one.

The advantages:

  • it is not necessary to clean funnels. Due to worse quality of cleaning funnel (like in the others) residues of injecting material can be sedimented in its surface. The repeated use of funnel can cause the fact that these hardened residues penetrate in the pump
  • PET bottles are available in every construction area
  • PET bottles are free of cost
  • on PET bottles every worker can use fix for the preparation of simple orientation scale for dosage of injecting material based on immediate requirements

We have been providing our customers fast and professional service for more than 20 years. We solve the problems of our customers on operation basis and we guarantee the repairs already within 24 hous after receiving the pump. Each pump releasing our factory was set in the professional way and tested by our mechanics.

We hold the buffer stock of all the spare parts necessary for maintenance and repairing of our pumps.

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