Grouting hoses

Grouting hoses

Grouting hoses are designed for sealing the constructing joints in the concrete constructions. It is a single-wall hose on the base of PVC with unique system  TRAPEZOIDAL CROSS-SECTIONTM with holes resp. conic grooves, which slightly converge from inside to outside. These holes are designed for the outlet of the pressure grouting material and consequent sealing of the construction joints in the concrete construction. The holes close on the base of special geometry and when concreting, they prevent penetration of the cement mixture into the grouting hose. Grouting hose is used for multiple sealing grouting of the construction joints, which are permanently or alternately burdened with ground, sewer or surface water.


  • Easily applicable for a grouting with polyurethane resin.
  • Possibility of multiple grouting with special one-component polyurethane resin.
  • A sufficient cross section of the transport channel after the concreting lowers the inner friction of the grouting material and by this it allows an economical length of the grouting.)
  • The internal diameter of grouting hose IH 18/10 enables three times longer grouting sections.
  • A prevention of the cement mixture penetration into the grouting hose, when concreting.
  • Easy manipulation and time-saving installation.
  • No undesirable roll distortion at the installation, because it is a round hose.
  • The exit of the grouting material from the hose system in the cast-in state immediately at a normal pressure, i.e. material output is ensured at all sides.
  • Output holes run conically from inside to outside, thereby there is only a low resistance of holes to overcome.
  • A smooth surface prevents from an undesirable connection of the grouting hose and concrete.
  • A grouting after years is also possible, because the smooth surface doesn’t encourage the “ingrowths” of the hose into the concrete.
  • Very good price in proportion to the performance.

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