Diffusive lath - DLD is a 2 parts plastic perforated lath, which is designed for removal of diffuse water vapours from the masonry to the open space. It removes deffects on plasters, which arise from a reason of an excessive concentration of water vapours at the contact of the vertical plaster with the floor.


The lath is installed at the level of the wear layers of the floor constructions onto a well cleaned masonry.  

1) It could be anchored to the masonry by the help of the mortar targets (equivalent of laying of the whiteware tilling) in the spacing between 40 - 60 cm apart at the floor level, above the socle or at the level of an additionally performed damp proofing. The lath must be leveled into the screeds, the exterior lath into the amended screeds. After hardening, the area behind the lath (if it is greater than 1,5 cm) is filled with the fragments of the bricks so it doesn’t come to the joint filling with the mortar at the plastering.

2) A dry installation can be carried out by the help of the nailing dowels and spacers, by which the area of the uneven masonry with the lath is adjusted. The best is to make the spacers from a plastic that constantly resists to a damp environment. Before the installation is appropriate to provide the lath with a paint tape or foil as a prevention against damage.

The product fulfills the essential requirements under Government Order No. 163/2002 Sb., for the intended use of the product.

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