PU GT350

PU GT350



MDI based hydrophilic, one-component flexible polyurethane injection resin for waterproofing.


  • 1 Component hydrophilic PU resin, additional waterproofing due to post expansion
  • Fast reaction with immediate increase of viscosity
  • Reaction can be set faster with H100 ACC (max 10%)
  • Can be injected as 1 component or 2 component in combination with water, maximum amount of water = 200%
  • Foam factor 6-8V
  • Cured polyurethane is highly flexible, ideally suited for structures where a high degree of settlement and movement can occur
  • Cured polyurethane is harmless for the environment and resistant to biological attacks.


  • Shut off water leaks in concrete, brickwork and sewers where movement and settlement may occur
  • Water cut-off of water leaks in foundations such as diaphragm walls, piling sheets and secant piles
  • Sealing water-carrying cracks and joints in tunnel segments
  • Curtain grouting behind tunnel, concrete, brickwork and sewer walls
  • Injection of failing membranes and liners in tunnels and buildings
  • Manhole sealing

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